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November 13, 2018

Sandpiper Golf Club: Scott & Erin

Filed in: Weddings

We love when couples are best friends, but Scott and Erin are extra special because they also work together like we do! Since they own a business together, they understand the importance of hustling, but they do an amazing job of always putting the other person first and loving and serving each other. They truly are best friends and we adore the way they love each other!

Erin started their wedding day by getting ready at the Ritz Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara in one of our favorite suites that overlooks the pools and the ocean. The morning was calm and mellow, and stress free. The perfect way to kickstart the day of your wedding! Scott got ready at his house before heading over to the venue, Sandpiper Golf Course. The Sandpiper Golf Club is one of our FAVORITE venues and it’s only a mile away from their house! It is a gorgeous golf course that overlooks the ocean- it’s kinda like the Santa Barbara version of Pebble Beach.

When the guests arrived for the wedding, they were treated with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. We LOVE this idea! We actually did this for our wedding and we loved that our guests had drinks in hand for the ceremony. It really shows your guests that the celebration starts as soon as they arrive.

After cocktail hour, the guests were transported on foot and via golf carts to the ceremony. We always love when the couple has golf carts available, because it is accomodating for all of the guests and it saves anyone in heels from having to walk a long ways!

The ceremony was absolutely breathtaking! It took place on one of the greens on the golf course overlooking the ocean. How magical is that?!?! During the ceremony, the officiant described them by saying, “Scott and Erin share an unusually deep love for life and all the adventure life has to offer…the years will come and go and you will not take each other for granted. You continue to celebrate each others victories and pick each other up in tough times.” It was such a sweet ceremony and Scott and Erin were exuding love for each other!

After the ceremony, we took couple’s photos with just the bride and groom. For the pictures, we went down to a hole on the golf course that’s on the beach. Not only did we get some beautiful photos of just the two of them, we had a perfect sunset too!!

While we took photos, the guests enjoyed another cocktail hour with a gorgeous spread of food by Alcazar (who also owns Milk & Honey in Santa Barbara). Then the guests made their way under the beautiful reception tent for a night of delicious food and dancing. We loved the heartfelt speeches from the reception. In Erin’s mom’s speech, she talked about how since there were no boys in the immediate family, the boy cousins had to take on the role of vetting Scott. The whole thing took about 30 minutes because it became obvious how much he loved Erin. She finished by saying how proud she was to have him for a son and how excited she was to have someone tall around to do all the things tall people can do! The toasts from Scott’s parents was equally sweet and heartfelt and it was clear they were so excited to have not only Erin, but also Erin’s family join their family. One of our favorite bits from the speeches was, “When you find someone that makes you a better person, you know you’ve found your person for life.” As the toasts wrapped up, the dance began and we danced with them as the sun set and the stars came out! The day was filled with so much heartfelt joy and we LOVED being a part of it!!

Getting Ready Location: Ritz Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara
Wedding Location: Sandpiper Golf Club
Coordination: Amazing Days Events
Hair/makeup: Pretty Please Beauty SB
Lighting: Bella Vista
Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals
Catering: Alcazar Tapas
DJ: Elite Disc Jockeys
Dress: Panache Santa Barbara

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