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October 16, 2018

Heartstone Ranch Wedding: Sam & Lindsey

Filed in: Weddings

Sam and Lindsey are high school sweethearts who met in 10th grade! They have been in love for 10 years! We always love shooting the weddings of highschool sweethearts for many reasons, but especially because of the amount of stories they have about each other which makes it so, so fun. Sam and Lindsey are absolutely incredible and the love they have for each other is strong, honest, and persevering.

Their wedding took place at the beautiful Heartstone Ranch in Carpinteria. We absolutely LOVE this venue! There are horses and huge oak trees around the property. The grounds are perfectly kept and the estate itself is breathtaking! Talk about a great place for wedding pictures.

The bridal party got ready on the property. As Sam and Lindsey prepped for the first look, they were both nervous because they were so excited to see each other! They both separately said that they knew the second they saw each other, everything would be okay…and it was.  The first look was such a special moment because you could see how they instantly calmed each other’s nerves and immediately relaxed once they were in each other’s presence!

During the ceremony, Sam and Lindsey’s vows brought us all to tears! One of our favorite parts from Lindsey’s vows was when she said, “After we got engaged, I went back and told my family, ‘Shoot for the stars, because sometimes you’ll end up in another galaxy.’ That’s how I feel about you. So blessed.” She called Sam her rock, her role model, her lover, and her best friend. Then she said, “Thank you for being you and for always always allowing me to be me.” Ahhh!!!! Soooo sweet! Sam went on to reflect on the first time he told her he loved her and how he was so nervous, not because he didn’t think she would love him back, but because he knew in that moment that they had something special that would last. He said, “I had the fortune to love and to be loved by the most wonderful girl in the world…It was you and it will always be you.” Cue all the tears!! They have such a sweet love for each other and it’s so clear that they’ve found their person!

After the ceremony everyone transitioned to the cocktail hour where guests played giant chess and jenga, while enjoying drinks. It was so fun for everyone to get to play games and chat before the reception started! Everyone meandered over to their seats to the reception for a night of celebration.

One of our highlights from the day were the heartfelt and amazing speeches by Lindsey’s dad, the best man and the maid of honor. Lindsey’s dad told Lindsey how they could not be more proud of her. He also went on to say, “Sam you’re amazing, obviously, and selfishly, I also started dating you in 10th grade.” He was talking about how Sam would come over and instead of right away telling Lindsey he was there, he would invite him in to watch the Lakers play or just hang out with him for a bit. So hilarious!!! The best man joked about how if Lindsey ever needed a reminder of how much Sam loved her, to remember that he spent every summer in high school and college planning Lindsey’s birthday because it’s one of her favorite days! So cute!! Lastly, Lindsey’s sister said, “Sam, I won the brother-in-law lottery with you. You are kind, thoughtful, and you don’t even mind ducking in our hallways…You side with my sister always (ALWAYS) which I guess is all I could have asked for…I wish you both many favorite days (like this one) going forward.” They were such heartfelt, personal, hilarious, and touching speeches and they capped off the dinner perfectly!

After the speeches, we danced the night away with Party Proper Productions as the DJ. They were the DJs at our wedding, so it was extra special for us!! We had such an amazing time photographing and celebrating Sam and Lindsey and we are thrilled to share their day with you!

Location: Heartstone Ranch
Coordination: Soigne Productions via Nina Moore Designs
Floral: Haute Blossoms
Hair/Makeup: Pretty Please beauty SB
DJ: Party Proper Production
Ceremony Music: Chris Fossek
Catering: DJs Catering
Video: Amari Productions

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