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November 15, 2018

Carousel House: Jessie & Krysta

Filed in: Weddings

Carousel House Chase Palm Park

On this day we played so many roles. Prepare yourself because you’re going to see a lot of us in this blog post. We were a bridesmaid and groomsman, photographers, planners, designers, florist, and then day of we handed everything off the the AMAZING team of vendors and they killed it! We could not have done this wedding without the incredible team of vendors listed at the bottom of this post.

This wedding is extra special because, it’s James’ brother! We both got a new sister-in-law, and a niece and we couldn’t be happier for them!

It was a classic groomsmen versus bridesmaid timeline, the boys all got ready at our house in the morning and when they were all done with photos, they played bocce ball by the ceremony. Meanwhile the girls were getting ready at the Bacara Ritz Carlton and proceeded taking photos off-site, but I’m pretty sure we had just as much fun if not more, because we had Veuve champagne flowing all morning.

If you have been following along with these two the past year you know how special this one is. Jessie proposed to Krysta AND her daughter Shyyra in Coronado overlooking all of the San Diego skyline. Warning: grab your tissues because we dare you not to cry when you see the proposal and hear their story!! All the happy tears were there for the proposal and their wedding day was no different. James and I handed our cameras off to our team as we lined up for the processional and walked down the aisle together! So fun! It was a gorgeous Santa Barbara day just steps from the ocean as Jessie & Krysta made their vows to each other and became a family. And as expected, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Once they sealed their vows with a kiss we walked back down the aisle in cheers of celebrations, picked up our cameras again and kept going! Guests were all invited to cocktail hour as we took AND were in the family photos! We did it-All 3 brothers are now married! As the party began we snuck off with Jessie & Krysta and the amazing video team Peter & Bridgette, and oh was it GORGEOUS! The marine layer of fog held off as the sun set and beams of light burst through the venue making for some unbelievable golden light photos!

The reception kicked off with speeches, and James gave a speech too, and the festivities continued! Krysta’s daughter Shyyra gave a speech that was simple and sweet, and left us all in tears. She said “Mom, I want to thank you for finally giving me a dad. And I am so glad my dad is Jessie!” Whew! Two sentences and we were all in a puddle.

Did someone say dancing?! As the formal dances began the tears all came rushing back as Jessie danced with his new daughter Shyyra. After we dried our eyes again, it was time to party! Party Proper dropped the beat and it was on! I mean a solid 3 hours of dancing, photo booth-ing and toasting to the happy couple! We danced the night away and sent the bride & groom off in a blacked out mustang as they drove up to their honeymoon!

Of course we couldn’t end it all there! We knew we had to rally with so many family and friends in town! So we rallied the crew and headed downtown late into this night continuing the celebrating, passing drinks and stories.

Congratulations Jessie, Krysta & Shyyra! Welcome to the family girls!

It was so fun for Jess to actually be IN the bridesmaid robe photo!  The Wittmayer wives:
Jess is fixing her train and then handing off her camera to Bridgette and stepping in for a photo with the bride. 

James on triple time as groomsman and veil holder and photographer!  And then it was Jess’ turn to be bridesmaid, veil holder, and capture those insta behind the scenes.
The three Wittmayer brothers:
We made an entrance, but James still had his camera in hand, so we could be sure to capture their entrance.

Getting Ready Location: Ritz Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara
Wedding Location: Carousel House Chase Palm Park
Photo/Video: James & Jess, and Peter & Bridgette of Lace & Lapel
Day of Coordinator: Vibe Tribe Events
Lighting: Bella Vista Designs
Photo Booth: Wittybooth
Rentals: Ventura Rental
Hair/Makeup: Leah Rose, Tayler Radford Hair, Rose Serrano
DJ: Party Proper Productions

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Sept. 6-9
October 6-12
October 13-31
November 4-9


Travel Itinerary

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