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November 15, 2018

Elings Park: Jimmy & Casi

Filed in: Weddings

Elings Park, Santa Barbara

They invite you in, no matter who you are, they invite you in and they pull you closer. They are incredible listeners, and they love deeply and so well. We are lucky enough to be friends with this amazing couple and we are so grateful for them! Photographing their wedding was a dream come true!

We met Casi right after she moved from Wisconsin to Santa Barbara, and James proudly made her her first ever Moscow Mule. Casi lights up every room she walks into. She is full of joy, and she radiates beauty. When she and Jimmy started dating, we knew it was going to last. From the first few dates it was so clear they had found their person. They just get each other. They love the weird corky things about each other, and when they are around each tother, it’s so clear they’re free to be their true self. Jimmy is cool, calm, collected, and an amazing surfer. He is strong and has amazing character, and he is so sweet and kind toward Casi. We love the way they love each other.

In premarital counseling they took a “test” and it rates the couple as various things like: vital, harmonious, or things to work on. When they took the test and they were off the chart compatible. The couple who lead them through premarital  considered not telling them because they didn’t want it to go to their head! Which we find hilarious!  But the test was right, they are perfect for each other. Watching their interactions over the past few years has made us SO excited to one day photograph them. They are seriously so cute, and they fit together so well! So when Jimmy asked us to photograph their proposal we were thrilled! We obviously friend happy tears when hey got engaged, and we got teary eyed all over again when they asked us to photograph their wedding.

The day started with Casi getting ready at The Santa Barbara Inn. Style Me Kristi did her hair and makeup, while her sweet parents watched and waited for the festivities to begin. Casi is an only child, and we love the sweet relationship she has with her parents. Jimmy got ready at a beautiful location, which just happens to be our living room! This is not the first time our house has been used for the guys getting ready, and it makes us so happy! We love to host, and we love weddings, so when our friends ask, it makes so much sense! We all headed to the venue, and Casi and her parents hid while Jimmy was out of sight. When Casi walked down the aisle, it was such a beautiful moment. Seeing the joy and excitement on Jimmy’s face was priceless! He was so excited to marry his bride and best friend! Britt Merrick led a beautiful ceremony, and he always encourages his couples to end with an epic kiss, and my oh my they did not disappoint!

While we took photos of the family the guests enjoyed a “charcuterie hour.” In leu of cocktails, they had an impressive spread of charcuterie and a butcher who was there just to shave the proiccuito. Umm talk about a delicious idea! These guys are brilliant! We headed over to the reception, where they gave us seats, which is so sweet! We pulled out what we thought was a menu, and we quickly realized that it was a hand written thank you note. They wrote each one of their guests a hand written thank you note, expressing how grateful they are for them. What an incredible gift for each guest. Remember what we said about them? They invite you in, and they pull you closer, and they love so deeply and so well. This is true about them in every way, and they once again proved it through the way they loved and honored each guest. After we dried the tears from our eyes from the heartfelt speeches, we danced the night way with them and even joined them for a few photos in the Wittybooth too! Such an epic celebration for he first day of their marriage, and we were truly honored to be part of it! Here are just a few of our favorites!

Getting Ready Location: Santa Barbara Inn
Wedding Location: Elings Park
Hair/Makeup: Style Me Kristi
Coordination: Crowned Events
Florals: Alexis Ireland Florals
Dress: BHLDN

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Sept. 6-9
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October 13-31
November 4-9


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