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October 27, 2016

El Encanto: Johan & Colette

Filed in: Featured, Weddings

Johan and Colette are pure gold! They are filled with talent, beauty, and class and surround themselves with the same. Their wedding day was a classy dream, planned to perfection, and their beautiful details and timeless images make our hearts swoon! They were introduced by mutual friends at a red carpet awards show, and they fell for each other quickly. He proposed in France at sunset, and they planned their wedding for the El Encanto in Santa Barbara. Johan and Colette have the type of relationship that makes you want to be in love. They are both incredible humans on their own, and the more you get to know them it’s so clear Johan brings out the best in Colette and she the brings out the best in Johan. They truly make each other better people.

One of our favorite moments of the day was the groom’s speech. In English tradition, the groom gives a speech  on the wedding day, and it’s a great way for the groom to not only welcome his guests, but also express his gratitude for the wedding day and love for his wife.  Johan’s speech was one the of best we’ve ever heard! Colette loves Johan’s quest for the best in all things. He is a very talented musician and he said “Colette, I am so proud. You are my everything and I love you more than the whole world. You make me a better person.” Then he turned to the crowd and said, “I have practiced piano for hours, and hours and hours, and hours, and hours, and I am good but there will always be someone who is a little bit better. I am not the best.” Then he turns to his wife and says, “but I am the best at being yours. I’m the best at being Mr Carlson to Mrs Carlson. I am the happiest man, please let me kiss my wife!” And then he DROPPED THE MIC and kissed his wife!

Their wedding day was nothing short of epic and we are absolutely thrilled to share a few of our favorites with you!

james-and-jess-000james-and-jess-000-2james-and-jess-000-1 james-and-jess-000-3 james-and-jess-003 james-and-jess-019 james-and-jess-041 james-and-jess-042 james-and-jess-043 james-and-jess-048 james-and-jess-050james-and-jess-012james-and-jess-025james-and-jess-034james-and-jess-026james-and-jess-035james-and-jess-036james-and-jess-062 james-and-jess-056 james-and-jess-056a james-and-jess-057-1 james-and-jess-057 james-and-jess-060 james-and-jess-061 james-and-jess-066 james-and-jess-067 james-and-jess-088 james-and-jess-089 james-and-jess-091 james-and-jess-092 james-and-jess-096 james-and-jess-099 james-and-jess-106 james-and-jess-107 james-and-jess-116 james-and-jess-123 james-and-jess-126 james-and-jess-128 james-and-jess-131 james-and-jess-143 james-and-jess-150-1 james-and-jess-151 james-and-jess-159 james-and-jess-162 james-and-jess-164 james-and-jess-165 james-and-jess-167 james-and-jess-169 james-and-jess-173 james-and-jess-174 james-and-jess-178 james-and-jess-179 james-and-jess-184 james-and-jess-187 james-and-jess-188

Ceremony Location: Godric Grove Elings Park
Reception: Belmond El Encanto
Coordination: Wild Heart Events
Florals: Enchanted Garden Floral Design
Lighting: Bella Vista
Hair/Makeup: Pretty Please Beauty SB
Dress: Saint Laurent from Sacks Fifth Avenue
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Photo Booth: Wittybooth
Video booth: OutrageousBooth

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