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September 25, 2018

Bakersfield Wedding: Darrell & Taylor

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Sparks flew when they met. Literally!

They were setting up for a youth fundraiser at their church.  Taylor was in the kitchen with a few other ladies, and they were all watching Darrell and knew he needed help!  He was stapling lights to the wall, and he was struggling. So they sent her out from the kitchen to help him. She started to help him staple the lights, but he forgot to unplug the lights…so as he was stapling them, they started sparking. The sparks flew all over! Sparks flew so much that they actually blew a fuse!!  She had to go to her car to get power tools to fix it! Luckily no one was injured, and we love that this is how they met!

From the moment he saw her he knew there was something special about her. Not just because she had all the power tools he needed in the back of her car, but because of how she spoke and listened to him.  He asked her if she wanted to get tacos, thinking it was a date. He knew it was a date but she thought he just wanted to be buddies and get tacos! On the “date” she started texting her friends saying “I think I’m accidentally on a date!” Her friends said, if he pays for it it’s a date, so let’s see. Well he paid for it but didn’t hug or kiss her goodbye because he was a little shy. Luckily they figured it out a few days letter. They went on a hike together, and when they were sitting on the couch afterwards he wouldn’t sit by her. She asked him why he wouldn’t sit next to her, and he explained that he was into her.  After that they started dating, growing a friendship, and never looked back. 

She says life with him has been the greatest surprise and biggest blessing all wrapped on one. He balances her sarcastic remarks with cheesy comebacks, and it has allowed her to always feel comfortable with who she is! They listen to each other’s dreams and goals, and always put each other first. He finds ways to make her feel loved, like bringing her coffee, and always treating her with the utmost respect. They strive to be on the same team and always have each others back! He loves her fiery personality and that she speaks truth, and cares so deeply for others. She is straight forward, while he sometimes thinks in circles, which means they balance each other really well. Who knew that a basic church prep task would one day lead them to walking down the aisle.

We first met Taylor through a wedding we did in Bakersfield four years ago. She is a florist and did the gorgeous florals for Cody & Amy’s wedding.  You know the florals are going to be over the top gorgeous when the bride is a florist! The second we walked into the ceremony there were beautiful florals everywhere! The floral shop she works with they did all the flowers, and we were in love with the decor!

Their first look was so beautiful. He cried before she even started walking toward him! He was so nervous to see her and so so excited to marry her. They had a bet of who would cry, and whoever cried owed the other person $200. Well Taylor definitely won $200! During the first look, he pulled out his hanky from his grandpa and wiped his eyes. Then she gently grabbed his face and said, “it’s okay I got you” and she started to wipe his tears. We both had a few tears fall down our faces too. 

They had a beautiful ceremony, and a cake reception surrounded by fiends and family. Then we headed to downtown Bakersfield for photos of just the two of them! Because Taylor is in the wedding industry, she knew how to build an amazing timeline, and we were ahead of schedule all day! At one point when we were downtown, we had an extra 45 minutes before we could start portraits, so she suggested we get a drink! We went to The Padre (which is a super rad hotel) for old fashioneds and martinis, and they got to relax and enjoy the moment, and soak in just being married. It was such a treat for us to spend time with them like that on their wedding day! And we loved that everywhere we went, strangers ran up to them and complimented how great they looked, and offered to buy them a drink!  We took some incredible photos around town, and then headed to their family dinner reception at Louigi’s. Guests played lawn games, and board games and then joined them at long tables for dinner. Their dads gave beautiful speeches welcoming them into the family, and everyone laughed as they cheered with the bottomless homemade wine! It was a perfect celebration of their love! We love this couple, and we had such a wonderful day with them! We are so excited to share a few of our favorites!

Ceremony Location: First United Methodist Church
Reception Location: Luigi’s Delicatessen
Florist: Garden District Flowers 
Makeup: G’Ana
Dress: The Hitching Post
Church Coordinator: Sam Smith
Bride’s Shoes: Cole Haan
Groom’s Shoes” Cole Haan

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Sept. 6-9
October 6-12
October 13-31
November 4-9


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