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September 26, 2018

Santa Barbara Historical Museum: Paul & Jess

Filed in: Weddings

Paul and Jess first met when they were 10 years old at the Boys & Girls Club. Paul walked right up to Jess and told her that she was his girlfriend. How bold is that?! From that day on they became close friends and after years and years of friendship they started to fall in love during Paul’s junior year in high school. Everything just clicked; They were best friends who fell in love, and the rest is history.

Our favorite thing about Paul and Jess is the way they serve each other and always put the other person first, and we LOVE the way they look at each other! Paul looks at Jess like she is the most beautiful thing in the world. She is absolutely stunning, and can light up a whole room the second she walks in! She is strong an determined, smart and charismatic, an has some incredible style! Jess loves how Paul always makes life fun and can’t wait to grow old with him, knowing that even when they are old and gray they will still feel like the same teenagers who fell in love! Paul is the guy you always want on your team! He has a heart of gold, and is always ready to love and serve those around him, and he’s incredibly handsome too! He is the true definition of “ride or die” and he will always be there for you at anytime you need him. 

Paul and Jess met as children, started dating as teenagers, and fell in love as adults. Their love story is beyond beautiful, and we were honored to capture the first day of their marriage! 

Their wedding day kicked of with the girls getting ready at the Hilton SB. Leah did a beautiful job on their makeup, and all of the girls wore matching robes with their name on the back! It was such a cute getting ready outfit and looked amazing for getting ready pictures! None of the bridesmaids had seen Jess’s dress before the wedding, so she did a first look with her bridesmaids, which was super fun! 

The guys started of the day getting ready at a house and then were picked up in a trolley to come over to the Hilton for the first look. The first look was BEAUTIFUL. Paul cried, and he even had to pull out his hanky to wipe his tears! We love when the grooms get emotional during the first look!! 

After the first look, we all loaded into the trolley and headed to the venue, the SB Historical Museum. The second we arrived and saw the setup, we were in heaven! The drapery by Bella Vista was absolutely gorgeous! We have photographed so many weddings at this venue, and every time the decor amazes us! We also loved the unique and custom linens they chose from La Tavola! They picked beautiful shades of blue to compliment the day!

First of all, we just have to say, we are cryers. When it comes to love and beautiful loves stories, we are easily moved. But this wedding especially had us crying happy tears all day! They had a beautiful ceremony, and even though they did a first look, Pauls still cried as Jess walked down the aisle! Then everybody cried as they exchanged their personal vows. We listed some of our favorite parts below.

Some of our favorites from Paul’s vows: 

  • “I promise to always be by your side and to put our marriage first. When we start a family I can’t wait to be the best father, because I know you will be the best mother. And when you come downstairs and say ‘Paul I forgot my blanket upstairs’ I will always go back and get it for you. And when you’re cold I will shut the window, even though I am already sweating.”
  • “I can’t wait to go on this journey with you through life, because I know it is only going to make me fall for you more and more.”
  • “One day when we look back, we will say it was all worth it because I got to marry my best friend.” 

Some of our favorites from Jess’s vows: 

  • “When I was 10 years old and I walked into the Boys & Girls club to find you smiling at me as you sat at the front desk, that same smile I get to see every single day. I was quiet and reserved, and always followed the rules, and then I met you. You bring out the best in me. You make me want to take risks and pursue my dreams with passion and integrity. Around you I start living, and I trust you with me, the real me.”
  • “I promise to support and honor you through the good and bad times. I promise to never watch our favorite shows without you.”

“I promise to be patient as we grow through different phases in life. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together because you’re truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.” 

Such incredible, personal, and touching vows!! It was such a moving ceremony and it was clear that we had the privilege of being a part of one of Paul & Jess’s favorite days of their life. 

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour with a mariachi band! We absolutely love when our couples include a mariachi band! It is the perfect way to start the party! 

After the fun filled cocktail hour, guests were seated for dinner at the gorgeous tables. Paul and Jess had a beautiful first dance, and their maid of honor, best man, and their dads gave beautiful speeches. Jess and her dad are very close, and his speech to her had us in tears all over again!  He talked about how he was the proudest dad in the world and thanked Paul’s parents for the son they raised, because he has been such a blessing to their family. He went on to say how he would do anything to make sure that Jess was treated like a princess and how the wedding day is supposed to be “the hardest day” of his life as he has to give her away. However, he said that it wasn’t difficult, because Jess chose an amazing man, Paul. He even said that if he could choose someone to be with her he wouldn’t pick anyone else besides Paul! What a compliment and sweet show of love!! He finished by saying, “One thing I know to be sure is that no one is going to love and protect Jessica like I do, with the exception of Paul. Paul I love you, you are a godsend to our family to be Jessica’s husband. To love her, and protect her, and most of all to be patient with her. And I thank you so much for that.” Ahhhh all of the tears!!!

The rest of the speeches were filled with great advice and we loved this tidbit: “Love and respect each other, cherish each other, enjoy each other’s company, even when you argue and disagree, know that it is God’s plan, the way of keeping us grounded and engaged with each other. One thing I can say for certain is life is short, embrace your loved ones.” Such great advice for marriage and relationships as a whole!!

After the amazing meal and speeches, everybody hit the dance floor! The dance floor was packed all night long thanks to DJ Hectick  and they exited through a tunnel of glow sticks. We had such a great night and are so excited to share a few of our favorites! 


Getting Ready Location: Hilton Santa Barbara
Wedding Location: Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Coordinator: Amazing Days Events
Lighting & Drapery: Bella Vista
Florals: Tangled Lotus
Rentals: Ventura Rental, Otis & Pearl, Ella & Louie
Linens: La Tavola
Hair: Hair Art by Gabby
Wedding Dress: Lili Bridals by Martina Liana
Groom’s Suit: custom made by Men’s Warehouse
Makeup: Beauty by Leah Rose
DJ: DJ Hectick
Catering: Martinos Catering 805
Transportation: Santa Barbara Trolley

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