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July 19, 2019

Quail Ranch Wedding: Turner & Courtney

Filed in: Weddings

Oh my goodness, this celebration of love was one for the books! Photographing weddings is one thing, but photographing and being a part of your cousin’s wedding is an unreal experience! I (Jess) held him in my arms when he was a baby, and I’ve watched him grow into an incredible man –  and now he’s married to the most amazing woman. They truly bring out the best in each other, balance each other, and are the perfect combo! You can see what a great match they make by how they both enjoy life together the same way. We welcomed Courtney into our family with open arms and are thrilled we now get to spend every holiday and family reunion with them!  

Turner and Courtney met each other at Westmont College and started dating shortly after. Two years ago, Turner gifted Courtney a helicopter ride in Santa Barbara as a college graduation present. Shortly after they took off, the helicopter had a malfunction and crashed. After the crash, Turner pulled both Courtney and the pilot out, before the helicopter caught on fire. My sister and I got the call and we were the first ones at the hospital, and we are so grateful they are alive!

One of Turner’s best friends, Andrew, reminisced on the shocking and somber accident that happened only two years ago. “As most of you guys know, two years ago, Courtney and Turner dealt with a very traumatic incident that left them in the hospital for quite some time. I bring this up only because something happened that night that made me feel very confident that we would be here today. At the hospital, after checking on Courtney, I went to Turner’s room. For the next half hour, I listened to Turner on repeat saying the same things over and over again: what happened, where is Courtney, is she okay? Each time followed by a few tears. I tell you this story because as one of Turner’s best friends, this was the moment I knew he loved this woman. When he had never voiced concern about himself one time – it was 100% about Courtney. The way that you have loved and cared for her is truly inspiring.” This life-changing experience is just one testament to how special and bonding Turner and Courtney’s love is for each other. 

The wedding was at Quail Ranch in Simi Valley on a gorgeous summer day. We absolutely love this venue. There is a dedicated ceremony space with a breathtaking staircase leading down to it, and the Spanish style main house is covered in bougainvillea. Plus, there is a gorgeous pool and pool house, and a giant oak tree that drapes over the reception area. Quail Ranch is such a picturesque, special setting for weddings and we are always so excited when our clients pick this venue! 

The girls got ready in the pool house, and everyone had a smile on their face. It was such a special way to start the day off walking into a room where every bridesmaid was excited and ready to celebrate the bride. And we knew it was going to be a happy and emotional day because the second they took the dress out of the bag we all started crying! The guys got ready in the game room and arrived fully dressed so that they could spend their extra time playing liar’s dice and pool until the first look. Turner has an amazing group of guys and we loved watching how they support and celebrate him and his love for Courtney. 

We absolutely adored their first look. They both cried and his reaction when seeing Courtney was priceless! After all that they have been through, they truly appreciate the gift of being alive – and better yet, the gift of being alive together. Ready to celebrate each other and their next phase of life together, they wrote love notes to each other that morning and read them to each other after the first look. We loved Courtney’s adorable ending line: “I love you, but you’re crazy. You’re crazy, but I love you.”

Uncle Doug, Jess’ dad, did a fabulous job officiating. When Courtney and her Dad walked down the epic staircase, there wasn’t a dry eye. It was already such a special moment, but seeing the huge smile on Turner’s face made it even more special! They exchanged beautiful vows, and Doug joked that because of their long distance relationship they have spent so many hours in traffic to get to each other, and now that they’re married they can experience rush hour traffic together. But everything is better with your best friend, even rush hour traffic! After the ceremony ended with everybody cheering for the new Mr. and Mrs. Conrad, the wedding guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the beautiful lawn on the side of the house with margaritas and hor d’oeuvres.

After the newlyweds were announced, and the reception officially started under the giant, sweeping oak tree. The speeches entailed heartfelt memories, as well as acknowledgments of how far Turner and Courtney have come together. Katie, Courtney’s sister and maid of honor, summed Turner and Courtney’s cohesiveness and love for each other perfectly with: “The two of you bring out the best in each other, balance each other out and are a perfect combo. I can see your love for each other in how you communicate and talk about each other and I can’t wait to see where life takes you together.” 

We loved being able to sit at a table with family for the reception and danced the night away with them on the dance floor. The night ended with a glow stick tunnel exit and they drove away in her late Grandfather’s old mustang with his Westmont Warriors hat in the car. Congrats Turner and Courtney!

Venue: @quailranchevents
Dress: @thedresserbridal by @lamourbycallablanche
Caterer: @commandperformancecatering
Officiant: Doug Conrad
DJ: @voxdjs
Florist: @uniquefloraldesigns
Hair + Makeup: @janaandcomakeupandhairdesign

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