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December 5, 2016

Lombardi House: Spencer & Brina

Filed in: Weddings

They met on a December day five years ago, while in school in Los Angeles, and it wasn’t long before they fell madly in love. Oh these two have the sweetest chemistry, they are truly the best of friends, and their dog Charlston (who they refer to as their son Charlie) is adorable beyond words! He even made his wedding day debut as the ring bearer! The way they look at each other makes our heart melt, and just wait till you see Charlie! He showed up in an outfit that said “I do too” and proudly walked the rings down the aisle! He almost stole the show, but as soon as Brina walked in all eyes were on her, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as Spencer welled up with tears and cried his eyes out as he watched his stunning bride walk down the aisle!

Spencer and Brina live in Austin, and we are so thankful they came to southern California for their engagement session, because we enjoyed every second of hanging out with them! And we are so glad they choose to get married in southern California too, because we absolutely loved their wedding at the Lombardi House in Hollywood! Had you seen that venue before? It is a gorgeous white house and white barn in the center of Hollywood blvd, but as soon as you step in the gate it feels like you are transported to a southern plantation! Brina is a southern belle at heart and even considered having the wedding in Charleston because of her love for the south! But she really wanted her wonderful grandfather to be able to attend, and as soon as she saw this venue and realized her wedding could have a southern feel and have her grandpa there, it was a perfect choice! While we were at the wedding we got a text saying that one of our #JamesandJessBrides from 2 years ago worked on the design for the Lombardi house! No wonder it looked fantastic, it was designed by a bride who had one of the most elegant wedding’s we’ve ever photographed!! Needless to say, we were thrilled that one of our brides helped design the location for another of our brides to get married at! The world is such a small and wonderful place, and we are so thankful for the amazing connections in this industry! Spencer and Brina’s wedding day was a beautiful celebration and we are so excited to share a few of our favorites with you!

james-and-jess-00 james-and-jess-02 james-and-jess-03 james-and-jess-04 james-and-jess-05 james-and-jess-06 james-and-jess-09 james-and-jess-009 james-and-jess-10a james-and-jess-11 james-and-jess-13 james-and-jess-14 james-and-jess-015 james-and-jess-16 james-and-jess-17 james-and-jess-18 james-and-jess-19 james-and-jess-23 james-and-jess-24 james-and-jess-25 james-and-jess-27 james-and-jess-28 james-and-jess-32 james-and-jess-33 james-and-jess-34 james-and-jess-35 james-and-jess-36 james-and-jess-38 james-and-jess-40 james-and-jess-42 james-and-jess-44 james-and-jess-45james-and-jess-49james-and-jess-48james-and-jess-46 james-and-jess-51 james-and-jess-52 james-and-jess-53 james-and-jess-54 james-and-jess-56 james-and-jess-57 james-and-jess-59 james-and-jess-62 james-and-jess-63 james-and-jess-65 james-and-jess-173 james-and-jess-180 james-and-jess-183 james-and-jess-185 james-and-jess-186 james-and-jess-202

Location: Lombardi House
Dress: Pebbles Bridal
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Florals: Wild Flora Design
Calligraphy: Kelly Patrice

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Sept. 6-9
October 6-12
October 13-31
November 4-9


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