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June 27, 2017

Hartley Botanica: Chris & Andrea

Filed in: Weddings

Saturday’s wedding was as close to a fairytale as you can get! Gorgeous lush green every where you look, waterfalls & fountains, roses whimsically hanging above the ceremony, and an aside lined with a canopy of trees draped in white twinkle lights. As dreamy as dreamy gets! And to top it all off, Chris and Andrea have the sweet love for one another! They have been together 9 1/2 years and though they have experienced so much life together, they have been each other’s solid rock in every circumstance, and each trial has only grown them closer, stronger, and knit them together. It is such an honor to photograph a couple who has been together for almost a decade because they knew each other so deeply. You can see it in the way they play and interact, and they way they hold each other in moments of deep emotion. Chris is strong and wise, caring and kind and the perfect protector. It’s so clear Andrea feels safe and at home in his arms. Andrea is absolutely stunning, and oh so cute, a fiery bundle of joy and the life of the party. She can make Chris laugh or smile with just a little glance.

Their day started with a room full of laughter as her girls got ready together, followed by an incredibly emotional first look! Just wait till you see their reactions! We were trying so hard to hold it together and not cry! One of our favorite parts of the day was their ceremony! Hartley Botanica has a gorgeous ceremony location with canopied trees that stretch the entire aisle! And the trees are individually wrapped with twinkle lights, which just makes it all the more magical! You can see why it’s one of our favorite venues, because truly feels like a fairytale as the two become one. Their ceremony was one for the books! Chris has a daughter named Lilly, and during their vows, Andrea had Lilly come stand next to her, and she read her own vows Lilly and gave her a ring as well. This was a complete surprise to Lilly! She promised to love and care for her, and she expressed how crazy it is that she is able to love Lilly like she were her own daughter! Lilly broke down sobbing on Andrea’s shoulder and they just stood there holding on to one another as Chris gently put his hand on them. It was such a beautiful moment, and there wasn’t a dry eye. Chris and Andrea exchanged beautiful vows, and walked (scratch that, they danced) back up the aisle to “Turn Down for What” which was absolutely perfect! We love they way they have fun together! And after a few family photos, since they did a first look before the ceremony they were able to join their cocktail hour and enjoy time with their guests!

The reception was equally as beautiful and we had such a wonderful time photographing all the pretty details! We swooned over their magical first dance where Andrea seemed to float as Chris spun her around, and we held back tears as their friends and family spoke beautiful words over them. One of their friends shared: “Marriage is not about finding your perfect person, it is about loving the imperfect person perfectly” and we couldn’t agree more! These two have learned so much about loving the other person perfectly already, and we cannot wait to see they way they grow in their love for each other and their family! Congrats Chris & Andrea!


Location: Hartley Botanica
Hair: Alyssa
Makeup: 805 Makeup 
Dress: Monoco by Katie May Collection
Florals: Belle of the Ball Designs
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Photography: James & Jess

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