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January 2, 2020

Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm Wedding: Max & Alex

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Max and Alex’s wedding felt like a fairytale! As a kid, Alex would watch The Little Mermaid on repeat as she dreamed of the day she would find her prince Eric. During the Father of the Bride’s speech her dad said “congrats to Max on beating out Prince Eric!” Isn’t that adorable?! These two are the cutest pair of best friends and truly have a fairytale love story.

The girls got ready at the Ritz Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara, which is of course one of our favorite resorts! They had a morning full of laughter with her amazing bridesmaids as 805 Makeup and Krysta Withrow did their hair and makeup and made them all look flawless! 

The boys got ready at the DP Orchid Farm in the pool room. When the girls arrived, James got Max ready for the first look in a gorgeous fig grove on property.

We loved their first look. Before getting off the bus, Alex said “I am so excited to see Max, I love him so so so much and I am crazy about him!” So we were already teary eyed before they even saw each other. 

During their first look they read personal vows to each other. We have seen this trend a lot lately and we love it! Even if a couple just reads love letters to each other during this time, it is so special and really sets the tone for the rest of the day. For the past 2 months leading up to the wedding, Max had been living in Boston and Alex was in Santa Barbara, so they were long distance until the wedding day. This made it even MORE special because their excitement to be in the same room as each other made their chemistry even more fun for us to photograph! 

They had a beautiful ceremony on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. They had a traditional Egyptian Coptic ceremony, which is typically in a church building, and it was amazing to see the outdoors in such a beautiful place! We loved the way Max and Alex shared glances and smiles during the ceremony. these two are just so cute!! 

After the ceremony they all headed over to cocktail hour under the fig trees next to the greenhouse. They did all of their portraits before the ceremony that way they could enjoy time with their guests during cocktail hour! We highly recommend this and we are so excited they got a moment to spend time with their guests.

The reception space is always stunning at the DP Orchid because it is a giant open concept greenhouse. We love seeing what the vendors do with it each time, and this time was no exception! La Vie events did a wonderful job creating the most magical space. We loved Alex & Max’s neutral color palette and the green garland down each table. It was classy and timeless and obviously a dream to photograph. 

They had Lucca Pizza truck cater pizza for all of their guests, which was one of the coolest catering ideas we’ve seen! The wood-fired pizza was absolutely delicious and it was so fun to have the pizza oven truck on property.

After the grand entrance as a married couple, the speeches started, and guys – these speeches captured the essence of the entire day. The Father of the Groom had such good reminders of simple things that make relationships easier – things that are easy to forget. 

“Don’t go to sleep angry at night. Makes for a really long night and a long next day. Always have each other’s backs when you’re in public. Smile. Smile when you see each other. Kiss. Kiss often. Kiss when you first come together and kiss when you depart. Happiness is more important than financial standings or social standings.”

The Brother of the Groom, Gabe, commented on the most apparent thing in the world – the way Alex makes Max smile.

“Max I’m so happy for you – you’ve been the best big brother and role model I could ask for. Alex you are an amazing person and make my brother so happy. I’ve never seen him this happy before. And all he does is smile with that big ole grin on his face.”

The Sister of the Bride had the most tear jerking speech of the night with so many special things about Alex and Max individually, as well as together.

“Alex was the one who showed me that you could move to a new city by yourself and create a remarkable life. Her encouragement, her love, has helped me become the person I am today. My sister was always there to protect me and there for me when I needed her most and I can’t tell you enough how lucky I am to stand by her side on this day. The day that we always talked about and planned growing up. And to Max – I am so happy my sister met you. Seeing you two together is a reminder to me that when the right person comes around there is nothing in your life that can stop you. Max you are the most perfect person for my sister and I am so lucky to have another wonderful man that I can also call my brother. You are funny, you are kind, you are gentle, and you are the most genuine person I know.”

One of our favorite things about the day was getting to work with Party Proper Productions. They DJ’d our wedding 6 years ago and they always do a fabulous job!! They kept the dance floor packed all night with a perfectly curated playlist, as guests danced the night away! 

Coordinator: La Vie Events
Venue: Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm
Dress: BHLDN by Jenny Yoo NYC
Florist: Alexis Ireland Florals
Hair: Krysta Withrow
Makeup: 805 Makeup
DJ: Party Proper Productions
Lighting: Ambient Event

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