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September 2, 2018

Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding: Lou & Margo

Filed in: Weddings

Lou and Margo’s love story all started with a hat. They were at a baseball game with a group of mutual friends when one of Lou’s friends stole her hat and put it on. Margo knew she had to get her hat back and she also happened to notice the super cute guy named Lou sitting by the friend who stole her hat in the first place. Needless to say, she came over to get her hat, she met Lou, and the rest is history!

Fast forward to their wedding day. The girls got ready at Margo’s parents’ house, which was just a few minutes away from the Four Seasons. As soon as we walked in we realized how much fun the day was going to be, because it was an absolute party from the start! The girls had champagne in hand, were laughing endlessly, and their hair and makeup was going perfectly well and on time!

As Margo got ready for the day, she read a letter to her mom. In the letter, she praised her for everything her mom did for her and the example she set for her. She credited her mother with teaching her to be the strong, beautiful, confident woman that she is because of how she raised her. She also thanked her for teaching her to know herself first, be confident in who she is, and then find a life partner after that. It was evident that she has SO much respect and love for her momma! We were all crying as she read it aloud and it was a beautiful moment between mother and daughter.

Next, she read a letter that Lou wrote to her. Since the crying had already started for the day, none of us stood a chance for dry eyes! He told her how much he adored her – in his words, how much he, “really fricken’ loved” her!  He talked about the ups and downs of life that they have faced and overcome as a team. And he also wrote about how excited he is to be her co-pilot for the rest of their life together. One of our favorite lines was when he said, “I have absolutely no doubts about us, baby, when life gets hard, I have no doubt that you are the single person that I want by my side.” How amazing is that?!  We loved the letters they incorporated into their day!

After the water works dried up, Margo had her mom and sister help her get ready. Then she did a first look with her bridesmaids as she walked down the stairs! Such a fun idea! Everyone’s reactions were priceless! Then Margo had a first look with her dad, which was SO special! Afterwards, her dad drove her over to the Four Seasons Biltmore in her grandpa’s 1969 jaguar convertible. It was an incredible way to arrive in class and style! Margo and Lou had their first look and did all their group photos before the ceremony, which is what we always recommend! That way they were able to spend ample time with their 200 guests and truly party and celebrate!

Their ceremony was on the back lawn of the Biltmore and it was beautiful! We loved their wooden arch covered in flowers by Precious & Blooming. We wish we could just have that at our house all the time! Their guests were greeted with sparkling rose (umm yes please) and then seated to enjoy a heartfelt ceremony. Their vows were personal, playful and heart-felt! There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience!

Here are a few lines from their vows that stood out to us:


    • “Who else is going to push all of my buttons just right, while standing in my corner, through the ups and downs..with that smile, you know the one…with the eyes, and the cheeks, yeah you now the one. There it is!! That’s the smile! “

    • “I like being around you Margo. You make me so incredibly happy. Since the moment we met I found this powerful gravity pulling me toward you. my soul knows where it belongs, which is right by your side.

  • “Our marriage is nothing to be nervous about. it is just a formal affirmation of something we have both known for a long time.”


    • “Today is the day we become a family bound together not just by love and friendship, but by a commitment to take on whatever may come our way.”

  • “The nitty gritty, stressful, exhausting days have been hard, but we’ve fought and made it and we are stronger for it. When life comes at us, we build each other up emotionally and often with a well-timed cup of coffee or glass of champagne.”

After the ceremony, Lou and Margo lead all of their guests over to La Pacifica at the Coral Casino where guests were greeted with drinks! They did a receiving line so that they could be sure to say hello and hug all of their guests, which we loved seeing and photographing! Candid moments are our FAVORITE and we loved capturing the moments between them and their guests. It was so clear that they valued the time with their guests and were so grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate. They are an extremely genuine and thoughtful couple and made such an effort to honor their guests. Their guests knew that they had created a day and experience for everyone to celebrate.

Guests mixed and mingled during cocktail hour as they overlooked the ocean. La Pacifica at the Coral Casino is one of our all-time favorite reception venues! The stunning views and incredible staff make for an unforgettable wedding experience every single time!

As guests were seated for dinner, we took Lou and Margo away for sunset photos. Our favorite beach in Santa Barbara just happens to be right in front of the venue! We also had the pleasure of working with our video team, Peter & Bridgette. They launched the drone at sunset for some incredible video footage that we can’t wait to see!

The reception was a perfect celebration complete with a delicious multi-course meal, a live band, and they even sang happy birthday to Margo’s grandma who is 100 years old this week!  Margo’s dad also gave a heartfelt speech about how hard he has always known it would be to eventually give Margo away. When he first met Lou, he had a hard time warming up to him. When Margo asked her parents if they loved Lou, he responded that he LIKED Lou, but didn’t say that he loved him. In the middle of his speech at the wedding he said, “Lou I have something to tell you…I love you!” Lou stood up and ran across the room and hugged his father-in-law! It was so sweet and special and the perfect way to welcome Lou into the family!  Also, Lou SANG “The Way You Look Tonight” to Margo and it was MAGICAL. He ended it with inviting her up on stage and giving her a big kiss! Gosh we love Lou and Margo so much and we are so excited to share a few of their incredible days with you!

Location: Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara
Florals: Precious & Blooming 
Dress: Lovely Bride by Lovers Society
Coordination: Swank Santa Barbara
Hair/makeup: Santa Barbara Hair & Makeup
Band: The Society Band
Lighting: Spark Creative Events

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  1. You captured it all. Thanks for being a part of our big day.
    Dale (mother-of-the bride)

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