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January 10, 2019

Carousel House Wedding: Garrett & Allie

Filed in: Weddings

“THAT is the kind of girl I’m gonna marry!” This is what Garret said years ago to his friend on Carpinteria State beach, when he saw Allie. He recognized her beauty and her spunk before he even really knew who she was. What an incredible start to their love  story, right?

In May after they had been dating for a few years, he walked her out to the water on that very same beach and started asking her what she remembered about this place. They talked about their memories of lifeguarding on the beach and then he said “do you remember what I told my friend when I first saw you on this beach…” Then he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! She was so surprised she kicked him because she could not believe it was real! We ran out of our hiding spot to hear her saying “so this is what it feels like? I have been waiting my whole life for this moment” and she continued to check her purse for the next few minutes to make sure it was real life! 

Just like the proposal, their wedding day was nothing short of incredible too! We knew there was a 100% chance of rain for their wedding, so we talked the week of about a rain plan and what that would look like. Allie and Garrett handled it like a charm, and they knew that no matter how hard it rained, they still got the marry the love of their life and celebrate with their closest friends and family and that was what mattered most! They truly have the greatest perspective on life, and we are SO thankful we got to kick off our 2019 season with them! 

The day started with the girls getting ready at the house Jess used to live at before we got married. It was so special to spend the morning with Allie and her girls, who just happen to be some of Jess’ besties too! The second she walked in and saw the gorgeous florals by Heirloom Table she knew it was going to be an amazing day! Jess’ favorite moment was when Allie told her girls that she surprised Garrett with a boudoir album (that Jess did for her). When the girls saw Garrett’s reaction to the book their reactions were priceless! A boudoir session is truly one of the best gifts you can give your groom, and we’re so excited Allie surprised him with an album.  But that wasn’t the only surprise she had set for him that day. 

The guys got ready at our house, and the second they walked in James greeted them with beer, which won them over immediately. After they were ready we headed over to the court house for the first look. We were worried about when the rain would start, but the rain held off for all of the pre-ceremony portraits! While Jess was walking Allie to the first look she asked her if she thought Garrett was going to cry, and she said “oh yeah, and I’m gonna cry too.” We always love an emotional first look! Garrett cried (a lot) and we got teary eyed too, while Allie just smiled and laughed because she was SO excited this moment was finally here! Gosh we love them so much! We wrapped up the family photos and bridal party photos just in time for it to start sprinkling, and we all headed over to the Carousel House for the ceremony and reception! 

The ceremony was originally going to be outside, but had to be moved inside because of the rain. The rain was expected to be a challenge, but it turned out to be a blessing. Having everything in one space made for a warm and cozy event and brought everyone together in such a special way. The Carousel House has large glass doors that are like windows, so it’s the perfect way to stay warm inside while watching the rain fall down outside. The bridal party used clear umbrellas to dodge the rain as they came inside, which was fun for guests to watch. And when Allie and her dad walked down he aisle Garrett had tears streaming down his face! Even though they did a first look he still cried when she walked down the aisle! SO special! Allie’s dad even wiped Garrett’s tears as he gave her away! They exchanged beautiful vows, and as soon as Britt Merrick pronounced them as husband and wife, the mariachi band started to play…which was Allie’s second surprise of the day for Garrett! Early on in the wedding planning he mentioned that he would love to have a mariachi band at the wedding, but they didn’t finalize it, and then Allie completely surprised him with it and the look on his face was priceless! 

Guests enjoyed a warm and cozy cocktail hour as we took Garrett and Allie outside for a few fun rain photos! There is something about the rain that is so romantic, and with these two it felt magical! We returned inside for an amazing meal by Lorraine Lim Catering, and touching speeches by both of their dads and the Maid of Honor. Allie’s dad had the family members stand up who have played a role in shaping who Garrett and Allie have become. Her dad said he loved Garrett from the beginning, he watched as Garrett cared for Allie when she was sick, and offered to help him do things (like move 2 tons of concrete), and he quickly realized Garrett  cared for his daughter so well, and Garrett could outwork him. When it came time for Garrett to ask him for permission to marry his daughter, he gave him the thumbs up right away. They always have had really great conversations, and it is so clear Allie’s dad really loves her and was thrilled to give her away to Garrett. And by “give her away” he really means, Allie has been wrapped around her dad’s finger since the day she was born, and as he said that Allie lifted up her finger and Garrett’s hand was already wrapped around it!

Our favorite part of Garrett’s dad’s speech was when he addressed Allie, and said “ Allie thank you for completing our son Garrett. I know you will have an amazing and adventurous life.” He also said, “this is your time to dance, this is love and this is friendship and this is family, embrace it all, and with God’s glory your bond will grow stronger.” Such beautiful advice! 

Allie’s maid of honor Kelly Clause touched on how incredible they are separate and together. Allie is always there for you. She remembers everything, she is organized, and on time. She is dependable, loyal, faithful and always ready for adventure. She has been patiently waiting for the right man to enter her life, and knew she would not compromise or settle because God had someone perfect for her.  

Garrett is strong, diligent, loyal and he is also tenderhearted and kind. He is such perfect contrast of strong, rugged, handsome, and soft and emotional. He has complimented Allie in a new way, he has made her into more of who she truly is. More confident, more fiery, most soft, more settled, and more free, more of everything she was created to be. 

They really are a perfect fit for each other. They love adventure, they love to surprise each other, and they truly make each other better people. We had such an incredible day celebrating them, and we danced our booties off as Party Proper kept the dance floor packed all night! Here are our favorites from their day.

Dress: Lovely Bride by Louvienne
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Hair: Tayler Rad 
Makeup: Leah Rose
DJ: Party Proper Productions
Cake: Jenna Alleman
Ceremony Music: Alex Williams & Jenna Alleman
Rentals: Ventura Rentals
Florals: Heirloom Table 
Lighting: Bella Vista Designs  
Catering: Lorraine Lim Catering 

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  1. Sandi (MOG) says:

    Oh my goodness! I can barely see the incredible pictures because there are tears streaming down my face!

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