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May 15, 2024

Bacara Weddings in Santa Barbara That Will Leave You Speechless

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Bacara Wedding Ceremony Lower Lawn

Bacara Weddings in Santa Barbara

A wedding photographer’s perspective.

Are you considering a coastal? Consider having a Bacara Wedding in Santa Barbara! Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, with villas cascading along the coastline and stunning Spanish architecture amidst lush landscapes and bluffs, the venue feels like a private paradise. Moreover, it provides an ideal backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating your special day.

Additionally, The Bacara boasts pools, restaurants, a new private cigar room by Cohiba, and a secluded path leading to the beach. Your guests will be swept away by the luxurious amenities available.

Furthermore, just a 15-minute drive from Santa Barbara’s vibrant downtown, guests can easily explore for drinks and dinner. With local favorites like The Lark and Laquita nearby, there are plenty of options to enjoy.

Who are we?

We are James & Jess! Husband & wife destination wedding photography duo. We specialize in giving you the greatest experience & photos possible on your wedding day. We are Santa Barbara locals and have photographed dozens of weddings at the Bacara! You can see our latest weddings on our Instagram as well!

This is a collection of some of our favorite weddings we have photographed at the Bacara showing you all it has to offer. Now let’s dive into the beautiful wedding days at the Bacara.

The wedding day at the Bacara Santa Barbara

Getting Ready at the Bacara

The suites at The Bacara are incredibly spacious and bright. With full baths, fireplaces, and balconies, they provide the perfect space for you and your wedding party to get ready. Start your day by popping some champagne while enjoying an ocean view, creating a slow and relaxed morning as you prepare for hair and makeup.

Additionally, The Bacara recently opened a brand new cigar patio with Cohiba. This space offers incredible opportunities for groom getting-ready photos. Moreover, it serves as the perfect spot for the groomsmen to relax and have a drink to calm their nerves before the ceremony.

The First Look at the Bacara:

Everyone is ready, the dress is on, and it’s now time to see each other. At The Bacara, an intimate yet spacious property, there are endless options for the first look. Whether you prefer a public setting for your entire party to watch or a more secluded spot, we’ve got you covered.

Photo locations at The Bacara

Just like the first look location, The Bacara offers countless vignettes and picturesque spots for photos. Classic Spanish architecture, lush greenery, bluffs over the Pacific and even a secluded beach.

The Ritz Carlton Bacara from the beach

Ceremony Locations at the Bacara Santa Barbara

As it’s finally time to walk down the aisle, you take a few moments for touch-ups and to take a deep breath (and maybe enjoy a little champagne). Your guests, all dressed to the nines, begin to arrive, and now it’s time to get married! The Bacara offers two stunning ceremony locations, both with a breathtaking ocean backdrop: The Bluff and Lower Bluff.

Wedding ceremony at the upper bluff at the Bacara Santa Barbara
Wedding ceremony at the lower bluff at the Bacara Santa Barbara
Bride and groom walk down the aisle with rose pedals being tossed at the Bacara

Cocktail Hour Options at the Bacara:

You kiss and the cheering begins! Your Bacara wedding continues! It is now time for cocktail hour! Each ceremony location leads to a perfectly manicured lawn for an oceanside cocktail hour or guests can be invited to the rotunda for an outdoor cocktail hour with an equally beautiful view:

Ocean views from cocktail hour at the Bacara

The Wedding Reception at the Bacara

Cocktails are being enjoyed, you have said hello to all your guests, and now it is time for the reception! Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful whether all night outdoors or celebrate in the Bacara’s immaculate ballroom, they’ve got you covered. 

The Bacara Rotunda Room

The Rotunda Room offers both indoor and outdoor areas to be enjoyed for your reception. Most popularly and our personal favorite is having dinner under the starts at the rotunda and then dancing the night away inside with balconies for guests to enjoy the views and cocktails while the party continues all night inside.

A pink wedding reception at the Bacara Santa Barbara
Bride and groom dancing in the Rotunda Room at the Bacara wedding

The Bacara Ballroom

The Bacara Ball Room is incredible for larger groups and a proper ballroom style wedding. 23 foot high ceilings and ample space to create the wedding reception of your dreams at the Bacara Santa Barbara.

The Bacara Ballroom set up for a wedding reception

What’s Next?

A Bacara Wedding in Santa Barbara is always a good idea. Lush landscapes, sweeping views of the Pacific and an unmatched experience.

Whether you are getting married at the Bacara or anywhere else in this beautiful world we would love to meet you and give you the greatest wedding experience & photos possible. All you have to do is reach out right here and we will schedule a time to meet!

Happy wedding planning!

-James & Jess

Vendors that made these weddings happen:

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