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March 20, 2017

Hillside Engagement: Cody & Kendra

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“”We want you as our photographer” was one of the very first things Kendra said when we met with her earlier this month. We remember it so clearly because we were sitting at French Press and we all just smiled.  They were deciding between two dates in October, and we were only available on one of them, so right then and there they picked the date and secured the venue later that day. The crazy thing about wedding planning is it is full of decisions. You spend so much of your time making the choice between everything from your color palette to the typeface on your invitations, but it feels incredible when you can make a big decision. Because once you make those big decisions, everything will fall into place naturally, especially with the help of a fantastic coordinator! They are working with one of our favorites, Tyler Speier and we are so excited! We were so glad they already knew what they wanted for date, venue and photographer, so we got to spend the next 45 minutes hearing about the plans for the wedding at Fess Parker Vineyard in Santa Ynez!

Then we started planning the engagement session, and oh how we love spring time engagements! We are so excited the rain has brought so much green to the hills, and it almost made us want to break out in song…(almost). We planned for a sunset engagement session at the beach but the day of the coastal fog rolled in, so we decided to go up the mountain a little bit…and what we found was a gorgeous green pasture, beautiful oak trees, and that magical golden light! We had such a wonderful time with Cody & Kendra, and we still can’t get over how her gorgeous floral dress caught the sunlight perfectly! We are so excited to share a few of our favorites, and we cannot wait for their wedding in the fall!

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