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May 10, 2022

Instagram story wedding sneak peeks may put your client experience over the top

Filed in: Education

Our wedding had all the feels! I just wish we had our wedding photos the next day while the memories were still fresh. Even one instagram story would have been incredible.

Ever since then, we’ve made it a point to post sneak peeks within two days of the wedding.

That’s right…within 72 hours!

And it’s been well worth the effort. Now, this might seem like a luxury in light of all the other tasks you have as a wedding photographer. But we assure you, 72 hour sneak-peeks should be your priority.

Instagram Story Wedding Sneak Peeks

Here are two reasons why you should post wedding sneak peeks within 72 hours.

Reason #1 – Posting to your Instagram story quickly will enhance your client’s experience

72 hours is the window you have to seal in those memories while they’re still fresh in the subconscious of your client’s mind. In other words, while the hype and momentum are still in full swing!

Reason #2 – Posting to your Instagram story quickly will deepen connections with vendors

I love tagging vendors in my stories right after a wedding. Why? Because it gives them value (i.e., photos of their work), and they often end up re-sharing it which is great visibility for the photographer. 

Here are three ways to get started with Instagram story sneak peeks

  • Set the expectation for yourself. Instagram is not a hobby, it’s a job. Treat it like one by planning accordingly. 
  • Use a system. If you go into a wedding with a plan of what you need to shoot specifically for instagram stories, you’ll have an easier time capturing those images and make sure that what you need will be there when it matters.
  • Identify vendors. Never underestimate how deep vendor connections can help you in this industry. It all happens by teamwork, so when you post those instagram stories of that beautiful wedding, remember to tag the vendors if their work is in the image or video. They’ll appreciate it and may pay it forward by resharing your work with their audience.

Want to learn more about how we leverage Instagram stories for weddings? 

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