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April 19, 2022

Here’s why you should offer wedding album photos to your clients

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Wedding albums are a huge passion of ours, and for good reason. We love the experience that an album for wedding photos offers our clients, and we want you to be able to tap into that too. Below are the three reasons why you should start offering albums, followed by three common lies that keep photographers from ever doing it.

Three reasons you should offer wedding albums

Experts offer an album for wedding photos

Doesn’t it feel so anticlimactic to give so much energy, resources, and service into creating a great experience for your clients, only to end by giving them a link to a website? We agree! Now, while we do give our clients a fantastic online gallery (thanks Cloudspot!), we like to spice things up a bit with a physical album too. And this is what separates the experts from the casuals. Experts offer albums!

Wedding albums level up your service

When someone is flipping through a tangible album made out of museum-quality paper to represent the finest work, you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t a mere upsell. When you see the smiles on their faces, hear their positive feedback, and see how you’ve enriched their lives, you’ll know that albums are an act of service.

Wedding album photos are a money maker

I have people thanking me even as they’re investing large sums of money in their album. Why? Because it’s one of the best ways for them to remember the best day of their life, and their willing to pay for what it’s worth.

You need to read that last point again. People WANT to pay for beautiful albums once they see what they look like and what they will mean for them. It’s up to you to show them.

Now, here are three lies that may be stopping you from taking that next step and including albums in your pricing suite.

Three lies photographers believe about photo albums

Lie #1 – Albums will ruin the experience (because I’m a salesperson)

Truth: Clients will thank you, refer you, and ask you about albums. People often don’t know about albums, or have other preconceived notions about albums, until they are able to see what a great one looks like. Once they see an example of a luxury album, hold one in their hands, and eventually revisit the celebration of their lifetime image-by-image, they will praise you for showing them that this was possible. Remember, you’re not just doing sales; you’re serving your clients with the best experience possible.

Lie #2 – I’d have to withhold the files

Truth: Actually, you can give both the images AND they will still purchase an album. Don’t fall into the myth of scarcity, that somehow you need to withhold something in order for your clients to want more. Generosity and value-driven marketing practices are what build powerful brands, and turn clients into raving fans. 

Lie #3 – Albums are only sold in-person

Truth: Many weddings are destinations, which means you won’t always have the luxury of showing a physical gallery. But don’t fear. Albums are primarily done online today. We live in a world where people buy so much online–they’ll purchase an album there too. 

Want to learn the eight steps that we use to sell albums?

Buy our album masterclass

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