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November 30, 2016

Royal Palms Wedding: Ross & Ari

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This is what love looks like. As soon as you meet Ross and Ari, you can instantly tell they are picture perfect in every way! The crazy thing is, seven years ago (2009) Ari met Jess, saw her work and decided she was going to hire Jess to photograph her wedding one day! She hadn’t even met Ross yet, but when they started dating Ari told Ross that hiring James & Jess for the wedding was non negotiable! (Oh how we love them!) And when she contacted us and told us they were engaged and getting married at The Royal Palms, we were over the moon excited! One of the many things we love about this couple is their style, and it is so clear they have fabulous taste by the details they picked for their wedding day!

The second we arrived at The Royal Palms we thought we had been transported to Spain! This place is stunning! It was originally owned and beautifully designed by the Cooke family with classic european doors, and gorgeous lush greenery; it truly felt like we were on a Spanish getaway!

The wedding day started with laughter spilling out of the getting ready suites, as they prepared for the day. The second Ari put on her stunning Hayley Paige gown it took our breath away! She is beautiful inside and out, and truly looked like a princess! And the beautiful bridesmaids in full length tulle maroon dresses perfectly complimented the lush greenery around the Royal Palms! As Ari walked over to the first look her heart was pounding! She had been waiting for this moment for so long and the anticipation was so strong! James put Ross in place, and Jess went around the corner to check on Ari and she was praying with the biggest smile on her face! She looked like an angel! As she walked up to Ross and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and…..he lost it! He covered his mouth and gasped as tears started to well up in his eyes.  This is how Ross describes the first look “that feeling when you’re about to marry your dream girl, she taps you on the shoulder, you turn round, and she is more beautiful than you ever imagined!!” Oh my heart! These two are incredible and their love is the real deal! After we dried up our happy tears, we took some of our all-time favorite bride and groom portraits as we walked around the property, and they surprised us with colored smoke bombs! This was our first time using colored smoke bombs and they were so much fun! We had them playfully kiss as pink, blue and green colored smoke rose around them! Their wedding day already felt like a fairytale, and the second the pink cotton candy could rose behind them we felt like we were dreaming!

We are so thankful for this incredible couple, and their dreamy wedding day! We even had the pleasure of staying with them a few days before the wedding, and it was such a joy to see the way they love each other day in and day out. They have truly found their person who is their best friend and makes them happier every day, and we are absolutely thrilled to share a few of our favorites form their wedding day!

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Location: The Royal Palms in Arizona
Coordination and Florals: Thee Wedding & Event Warehouse
Dress: Hayley Paige
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Videography: Amore Films
Rentals: Glamour & Woods

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